Inverting the MacOS WebCam

Macs are truly great, we all agree about that. But, as there is nothing perfect macs also have some negative points. The biggest issue that most users face is inverting the webcam on MacOS. There is no official Solution to the mirrored images and videos from mac’s webcam. However, if you need a solution for just recording purpose then this will surely help you. Here I will teach you Inverting the MacOS WebCam.

The macOS WebCam is a 720p camera that produces satisfactory results. Many Youtube Creators prefer recording their videos often on mac’s camera. There are premium solutions available like the iGlasses software. But, the best method is free to use. Follow these simple steps –

  • Open Quick time player.
  • Go to File and click on new movie recording.
  • Now you will have your webcam recording.
  • Start the recording and make your movie peacefully.
  • When you are finished press the key combination Shift+Command+H
  • Now your video is inverted and you are good to save it and share it.

So, this was a quick solution to the mirroring problem in macOS. iGlasses is a cool software if you need additional features like fine-tuning your videos while recording. iGlasses also allows for Zoom abilities and many more cool features. The price is 19.95$, but if you just need to invert your recording then follow the above method. This is How to series of techenutia, Subscribe for more refreshing content like this. Let me know in the comments if this helped or not?

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