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Privacy concerns are rising day by day. We are being tracked at every moment in our life and that sucks. Privacy matters a lot, especially to the common public. We all have things and matters in our lives which we are not comfortable sharing with others. One of that is how we utilize the internet. Mozilla Firefox – The Privacy Protector is the only browser that cares about our privacy.

In past years firefox has launched many updates to its browser which improved privacy protection. Tor a Project by Mozilla creates tunnels for you to browse the internet safely and anonymously. Mozilla announced a new encryption feature which will stop your ISPs from seeing what site you are visiting on the internet. Mozilla will turn on DNS over HTTPS(DoH) for firefox users by default. DoH is a new standard that encrypts part of your internet traffic.

It is the first browser to support this encryption and will be rolling out in the USA within a few weeks. Whenever you wish to visit a website on the internet a DNS lookup is done which converts it to an IP address that can be seen by others. A detailed explanation of DoH is here. Mozilla will allow only two DNS providers, for now, Cloudflare and NextDNS.

Any DNS provider who would like to join shall abide by following policies. Of course, this privacy move raises questions by lawmakers. If lawmakers will not be able to track users how will they protect them from dangerous websites. However, parental control features will be provided in firefox which will help parents protect their kids. Firefox is the only browser that is against ad tracking and targeted advertisement. Let me know in Comment what do you think of this move by firefox?

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