Smartphone Charging Myth busted

Smartphones have evolved over the years. Now Smartphones are much more useful and advanced. The same applies to charging techniques. Today Smartphones get fully charged in less than 30minutes. But still, we believe in various myths around Smartphone charging. In this article ‘Smartphone Charging Myth busted’ we shall explore the greatest myth of charging frequency.

Search Google for ‘How to extend smartphone battery life’ the most popular article will tell you to charge your smartphone once in 12hours. That is a false claim, some people believe that it works. But actually you are making less use of your battery by charging it once 12hours. In Old times Smartphone batteries were affected by charge time and frequency. But that is a decade ago.

In modern smartphones, what counts to battery degradation is the Charge cycle. Every Smartphone battery comes with a predefined no. of Charge Cycles. After you complete those charge cycles only then your smartphone battery starts degrading. Typical Charge Cycle for batteries ranges from 500-600 which is enough to get you up to 2years. If you are a Power-user you can still get up to 1.5 years of juice and for very light users batteries can last for at least 3years.

A Charge Cycle is defined as a complete charge from 0 to 100%. How many times do you charge your smartphone from 0 to 100%? Modern Smartphone batteries last for more than a day from 100 to 0.

Bottom line

You can Charge your Smartphone as many times you want in a day. Charge your smartphone at your pace it won’t either improve or degrade your battery.

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