MacBook with Touch Screen is Coming

Apple is all about innovation. Apple revolutionized the tech industry in various ways. But the best apple product by far is still a mac. MacBook changed the course of laptops. Whenever talk about laptops came macs were first on our mind. What Apple was trolled by many is actually a touch screen laptop. Many demanded a touch MacBook because it is stylish and quite sleek. Now is the time the MacBook with Touch Screen is Coming.

What will the touch screen MacBook look like, will it be something similar to other Products in the market or unique. Well, actually the iPad will be the touch Screen MacBook. Everyone knows one thing, Apple’s iPads are the best tablets in the market. But iPads are so powerful that keeping them just limited to being a tablet is a waste of their potential. The Project Catalyst is making a path to combine the potential of both iOS, iPad OS, and macOS.

Catalyst project will allow iPad apps to port for MacBooks and vice versa. With that said, Apple has already started preparing for another revolution in the market. Apple will soon be launching an iPad Keyboard with trackpad. iPad is powered bio X series processors and they are really powerful. iPad will also soon become the entry-level MacBook. The important thing to note here is that while other touch notebooks are expensive and yet not heavily portable. iPad will be powerful as MacBook yet more portable than MacBook.

This is the true revolution that Apple is planning. Everyone is aware of Apple’s ARM chipsets. They are the best in the market. The trend will bend towards ARM chips powered laptops and Apple wants to be a leader in that. Let me know in the comments what do you think?

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