How to Survive the Apple Ecosystem

Apple a company that once defined standards of innovation in the tech industry is now hard to survive. The ecosystem that Apple built around its products makes things quite complicated. When you buy one Apple product you soon start thinking to get another for convenience. In order to maximize this effect of the ecosystem, the apple does not make it easy to connect its devices with devices other than apple’s. It is real pain in the a**. Here we are guiding you on how to Survive the Apple Ecosystem.

The central point of Apple’s ecosystem is the iPhone. The primary reason why people buy other Apple products after getting an iPhone is simply that it doesn’t connect well. Though Apple has official iTunes Software for Windows PC and Wifi Sharing for other mobiles but with some catch. You can Categories the file transfer issue in these categories

  • iPhone to Android and Vice Versa
  • iPhone to Windows PC and Vice Versa
  • Android to Mac and Vice Versa.

There are various solutions for your file transfer issues here you go-


A free and powerful tool available across all major platforms. You want to transfer files from your Mac to Android or Vice Versa use WebShare and follow the instruction. You want to share files from iOS to Android follow the instruction for Connect to iOS devices. For transferring Windows files to iPhone or Vice Versa use WebShare.

There was a time when transferring files from Apple devices to non-Apple devices used to be a headache but not anymore. This is the #1 reason why android lovers hate apple so, here it is solved. Of course, there are many reasons to buy apple products. The seamless experience they provide. But if it is out of your budget you do not need that. Thanks to @abdtalk to bring this topic forward. Let me know in Comments should you have any doubts.

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