Create Pdf documents on your Smartphone

Google is one of the most influential brand in our lives. Google is almost everywhere around us and impacts many of our daily life decisions. Products by Google makes our lives easier than ever. One such product helps Create Pdf documents on Your smartphone.

Ever wondered what app is that. Google docs a free to use Microsoft Word alternative for smartphone. You can use this app to create a document like Microsoft suite. Create notes, Project outlines or any other document you desire right from your smartphone. It’s free to use and also don’t have any ads.

But Google docs format is not supported by all devices. So, wouldn’t be that great if you could just get a PDF for your document. Well that’s pretty easy task for Google docs users.

Just open your document you need pdf of and click the three dots on top right corner.

  • Just open your document you need pdf of and click the three dots on top right corner.
  • Now click on the option Share & Export
  • A menu will appear now select send a Copy
  • Now choose your preferred format and who you want to send

This was a pretty simple tutorial on how to use Google docs to export Pdf from documents on your smartphone. Hope this helps boost your productivity a little. Any queries Comment below. If you like the post leave a thumbs up

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  1. […] You can just search Pdf to word on Google and get a whole list of Web applications that can do this for free. The next step is to edit your document. When you are done save it and “export as PdF”. This option is available in all major doc editors. If you don’t find the option just open your doc in Google Docs. […]

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