Tor is no more Protecting you from government surveillance.

If I ask you which is your most trusted browser when it comes to privacy? The only reply everyone has is Tor. The privacy focused browser by firefox. Tor allows you to browse anonymously over internet even ditching all surveillance from government. But what if I tell you that tor is no more protecting you from government surveillance.

According to tor development team a new bug is found in the tor browser. The new bug allows Javascript to run even when it is not allowed by the user. Tor browser used to block Javascript codes by default on client side which was the major protection layer.

If Javascript runs on client side it can be used to track your activity, location and much more. Javascript also enables hackers to deploy malware or steal passwords. A patch is currently being developed by the tor project team but their aren’t any specific timeline.

While awaiting for the patch you can try another browser or VPN. Also you can try these steps for a fix(may or may not work)-

  • Open tor and type about:config
  • Press ctrl+f and search javascript.enabled
  • Double click it and change the value to true from false

Comment any queries. I recommend using betternet as a free VPN. Till then Good bye

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