Google Pixel 5 a Surprise

Google is a big name in tech industry. This Company makes every moment of our life easier with its technology. Yet, Google keeps surprising the industry with its amazing tech. Like the iconic single camera. Same is the story for upcoming pixel phones. Google pixel 5 a Surprise.

Pixel series is one of the best smartphone series in the industry. People love their pixels. But Pixel 4 wasn’t a great deal. In 2020 Google is yet to release a new flagship. 9to5Google actually doubts about the flagship pixel this year. According to a teardown of the Google Camera app 9to5Google believes there will be no flagship this year.

The teardown reveals two file names, “photo_pixel_2020_midrange_config” and “photo_pixel_2020_config.” which may mean pixel 4a and 5 as per the pattern of Google launches. The codenames for this year’s Pixel are Bramble and Redfin. These codenames are backed by @Cstark_27 on twitter and also by 9to5Google.

The interesting part is the same codenames were seen back in January in AOSP with sd765g processor. At that time the idea behind it wasn’t clear. But now it seems Google was preparing for a launch of new mid ranger. SD765G is the best midrange processor. However, Both the phones will support 5G thanks to 765G.

Google took the path of single camera when it was outdated and still stands out. We see again Google is doing something unique and it will be fun to see how the Google midrangers will replace Flagships. Comment your queries, don’t forget to subscribe.

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