reMarkable wants to replace your notebooks

Remember the smell of newly bought notebooks. We love that, we love the feel of paper. Writing on paper is in itself an amazing feel. But paper is one of the main reasons for deforestation. Paper used for making notes is the biggest waste of it. So, reMarkable wants to replace your notebooks.

reMarkable introduced a paper like tablet that can eventually replace notebooks. There tablet gives you a Complete feel of paper and can be used for all tasks that a notebook is suited to. Take handwritten notes or draw sketches, or review documents on the Go. The display completely looks and feels like paper.

The tablet also allows to directly convert handwritten notes into text and take notes directly on Pdfs. The added benefit is syncing capability that allows the access to all documents across all your devices. Eye friendly reading makes it safe for eyes just like notebooks.

2weeks of battery life in a single charge. Backed by world’s most responsive digital paper. World’s thinnest tablet. The Digital pen is just like pencil and has a built in eraser. USB C for Connectivity and charging. No glare, no backlit, no eyestrain, make up a perfect notebook replacement.

Even in Sunlight everything is visible just like a notebook. This breakthrough device is priced at 399$. The tablet can only replace your notebook and not your Computer like other tablets. The Cost is bit high but it saves the environment plus helps you focus more. It is worth considering. Comment your queries below. Thanks for visiting

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