Android and Background Apps – A Debate

Android an Operating System we all love(except Apple fans). The highly Customizable and flexible Operating system comes with many question marks. There have been debates in Android world that are unsettled like Charging a smartphone overnight. Today we are going to put lights on Android and Background apps- A Debate. So, Let’s Get going

Android Operating system improved a lot over the time and keeps on improving. The laggy Operating system is now snappier and smart enough to be compared with iOS. The smart OS now manages most of things and reduces the caring our smartphone needs from us.

For example, Now we can charge overnight our smartphone because it knows when to stop. The memory management is also much better than past. Better privacy controls are just bonuses. So, What about closing your apps manually. The truth is you can do as you wish, it doesn’t matter. You can close your apps from Background manually or forget about them forever.

Android is now much smarter and closes Background apps over sometime. That is why we need to reload them. However there are controls given to user to choose, Possibly under the battery management settings. You can stop android from closing your apps if you wish to manually control the process or leave it onto android management.

Now is the good time to end this debate. Android is smarter than ever and so should we be. Don’t worry about your apps too much just use your smartphone do your thing that’s it. It won’t harm or benefit you in any way. Comment your questions, Like share and subscribe to support. Thanks for visiting.

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