Who said you need an App to hide files on Android?

You are here, because you have something to hide. Guess what everyone has got something to hide. We all have private data that we don’t want to share. But, you have been told to install a third party app to hide files. Another app can slow your device take up some space. Who said you need an app to hide files on Android?.

Hiding files in Android is as easy as adding a dot. Coming to the point, Have you heard about system files. System files are files that are needed by your device to function properly. And the Good part is that these files are hidden by default. Just like in your Windows PC. So, how exactly can you convert your files to system files.

If you have an existing folder that you want to hide. Just select that folder and Click on the menu and select rename option. There just add a “.” at the beginning of the name. Now the folder will be hidden. In a similar fashion you can create a new folder with a dot added at the beginning of its name.

But now your folder is hidden no app will access its content so, how will you view its content. Just Go to your file manager and open its settings there you will find a “Show hidden files”or “Show system files option … Turn it on. That’s it. Stay healthy, Thanks for visiting. Like Share and Subscribe to support.

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