Google’s Website to fight Coronavirus

Google one of the biggest tech giant in the world is determined to help fight Coronavirus. Just when Coronavirus started spreading Google created a block on its search engine page that took you to WHO info website. But now Google’s Website to fight Coronavirus is here.

Google’s Coronavirus Website is just a website with information like any other website. The website provides all the necessary information on Coronavirus and links to various resources that might help. The website’s primary card consists information on how Coronavirus spreads, its symptoms, possible treatments and other immediate information.

Just below that the website provides links to the most important WHO resources. Next you have some videos by experts and after that there are answers to FAQs like How to isolate?. Then there is a Map which can show which areas are affected by Covid19.

Then it is followed by numerous videos and articles the might help in isolation and staying informed on Coronavirus. There are workout playlists meal preparation and much more. So, if you were curious about Coronavirus then Go ahead and visit the website. Thanks for visiting Techenutia Explore. Subscribe to get more valuable information. Comment below your query.

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