Google shuts down India Focused Neighbourly app?

Experiments have always been the key for companies to stay growing in this highly competitive industry. Google has been launching and testing a few experimental apps that are focused to expand Google’s services. Neighbourly is a Q&A social app launched two years ago in Mumbai. Now, Google shuts down India focused Neighbourly app. Let us explore what was the concept of Neighbourly app?

Neighbourly app was aimed to provide answers to real-life questions about routines, life, etc from people near you. The app was developed as part of the company’s Next Billion Initiative. The app was focused to solve a major problem in this modern dynamic world. When people move from one place to another they have many questions that can be answered by people who already live there.

The app supported lots of native languages and voice-based entry. The Company in an email said that the app helped people to get answers to millions of questions, but it did not get the traction company was hoping for. The app will shut down on May 12 and users can download their data from here.

“We launched Neighbourly as a beta product in Mumbai, India in May, 2018. We set out to build a helpful neighbourhood app that would let neighbours help each other find answers to everyday questions about their neighbourhoods. This was in line with Google’s mission to organise the world’s information and make it available to users everywhere, but the product hasn’t grown like we had hoped,” a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch .

The concept of the app was quite good and may have helped millions of people around. But the results from the beta test didn’t impress google and therefore, led to its shutdown. Thanks for visiting. Hope this information helped. Signup in the newsletter for the latest post updates at the bottom. Get more Tech Overdose.

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