Japan recently Invented Drug to treat Covid-19

Coronavirus aka Covid 19 is spreading at a rapid rate in the world. It destroyed thousands of lives and more are still in hospitals. It is the reason for Worldwide Economic breakdown. Japan recently Invented Drug to treat Covid 19. The Company handled Coronavirus really well and one of the reason is there Drug.

Avigan is a decade old Influeza drug developed by Fujifilm subsidiary Toyama Medicals. It is the drug that was given to Coronavirus patients in japan as immediate treatment option. The drug’s production ramped up immediately. The Government of Japan approved it and supplied it to every hospital for treatment of Covid 19 as an emergency cure.

On 28 March Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe told reporters that his Government is working to make this drug as Standard treatment for Covid 19. There also Claims that this drug even treated patient’s in wuhan, China. However, Fujifilm doesn’t support that claim by saying they have not been involved in trials so they are better off not commenting on it.

40 Countries have already requested the drug for treatment of Covid 19 patients. Japan is beginning trials soon and by the End of June this drug shall be in all Countries to rescue people. As the mass production has already begun. Thanks for visiting. Comment your queries below

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