iPhone SE 2020 – The Magic is Back

Apple once recognized as world’s most innovative tech Company is going to set a new trend from now. So called flagship killers are moving towards flagship range but apple is taking a step back. Apple is introducing new flagship killer, with quite few tradeoffs. iPhone SE 2020- The magic is back. Why magic?

Before I start giving reasons to love iPhone SE 2020. Let’s look at its biggest drawback.


The biggest flaw of the flagship killer iphone is its design. This is the same old iPhone design back from 2014. The 4.7 inch touch ID iphone. It is more Compact but on the front it looks too old. This is not the most stunning smartphone in this decade. This looks similar to iphone 8. In the world of Oled panels we have a HD+ Panel. But now let’s see why would you love this iPhone

Form Factor

4.7 inch is a Compact form factor. There are people who need smartphones that are more comfortable and single hand friendly. This iphone targets that segment of people who don’t want those fancy 6.5inch displays. But it’s all about personal preference.


Apple A13 Bionic, the most powerful smartphone chipset till now powers iPhone SE2020. You get iPhone 11 performance in 399$. So, this could be the best upgrade from your iphone 6,7. 3GB ram and iOS13 Combined with A13 Bionic will handle any task you throw at it.


The most powerful smartphone primary camera is in iPhone 11 pro. The main camera of iPhone 11 pro is same as the camera in iphone Se 2020. You can still take stunning portraits and record 4K videos at 60fps. Cinematic videos and 1080p slow motion at 240fps. This gives you an 999$+ Camera in 399$ Smartphone. But you don’t have ultra wide or optical zoom. Let’s be honest most people don’t need that.


In Simple words, iPhone SE 2020 is iPhone 8 with iPhone 11 performance and Camera. So, for 399$ it is a flagship killer but with a very old display design. It is worth it if you don’t care about the display.

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  1. Stubborn Illusion
    April 16, 2020

    Quite good review. You slammed Apple fans down🤣

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