Google and Apple Shake Hands to fight Coronavirus

Two of the biggest rivals in the tech industry have partnered to work on a mutual project. Coronavirus is possibly the biggest pandemic of the century. The economy of the world is under pressure and needs to be revived. In order for people to return to work, it is necessary that they feel safe. Google and Apple shake hands to fight coronavirus by building a crucial Coronavirus tracking system. A System built into your Smartphone that will alert you when you are near an infected person.

The Very first thing that raises concern about the tracking systems is the privacy. But rest assured any project that involves apple protects its user’s privacy. Let me explain how will this system work. Every Smartphone comes with Bluetooth and this whole system will work via Bluetooth signals. In simple words, A user that is infected by Coronavirus will input the result into any public health authority’s app. Now the smartphone will generate some keys for nearby smartphones to fetch.

The keys won’t contain any personal information neither the user’s exact location. Nearby smartphones will use Bluetooth to detect those signals and store them in the database with a 5minute interval. The exact location or information of any user isn’t shared and all the smartphones have the data of the infected person in the form of these anonymous beacons which are randomly generated and changed frequently.

Your smartphone will alert you now if you happen to be close to any of the infected person. This will give you a sense of safety and peace of mind. Number of infections will dramatically reduce if people know they are near someone infected. This new API will be rolled out as part of OS by both companies soon. This will help fight against COVID 19.

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