Facebook Monetization for Streamers

Facebook one of the most popular Social Media platforms. In terms of monetization, Facebook hasn’t done much. Facebook Watch the new video streaming service attracted some users but it is not enough to attract content creators. Content creators need a good monetization facility. Facebook recently announced some cool features coming to its live streaming. Facebook Monetization for streamers is the highlight.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to set up Facebook events online-only and run live broadcasting of your events. On the monetization part, Admin and owners of the page will be able to charge for access to the streaming events. Musicians and other artists will benefit from this feature. Another feature is a donation button. If you want to help a nonprofit, you can add a donate button on your live stream.

Another cool feature is to invite others to join your live streams, just like video calls. This could be useful for collaborative content. If you are concerned about data charges facebook got you covered. You will now be able to listen to just the audios of videos on Facebook. If you are a gamer now you have Facebook Gaming an alternative to twitch. The Facebook live app, for now, gives you the option to run broadcasts on your profile but in a few weeks, you will be able to broadcast on groups and pages.

The World is moving towards live streaming and entertainment content. With technology, rising machines are doing most of our work giving us more free time. The entertainment industry gives us opportunity to keep us busy. This is why all the popular companies are moving their business towards the streaming and entertainment industry. Stay tuned! Stay Blessed.

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