Samsung No more the King of Indian Smartphone Market.

Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Tech Giant has ruled Indian Smartphone Market singlehandedly but not anymore. For years, avg consumers in India preferred Samsung over any other smartphone. But As the Indian Smartphone Market gets mature the Competition is much heavy. Companies have to decrease their profit margins to place their smartphones in a Competitive place. This Competition is one of the main reasons why Samsung No more the King of Indian Smartphone Market. If not Samsung than who is it? Xiaomi? Realme?

None of the above, Vivo is the new King of Smartphones in India. Vivo is not number in terms of Sales. The King is still Xiaomi in terms of Sales with 10.3 million Smartphone units sold in last quarter. But Vivo took over Samsung by almost doubling its growth rate. Vivo now holds 20% of the Indian Smartphone Market. People in India are showing an incredible interest in Vivo’s Smartphone. Vivo is launching some of the best smartphones in the market. Especially their work in mid-range and budget is incredible.

Xiaomi took over the market because it launched smartphones focusing on budget customers. Vivo is doing similar and the interesting part is Xiaomi smartphones are losing interest, the other Competitor Samsung is just blown away. Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers have learned something “If you wanna rule Indian Smartphone market focus on the budget segment”. Because people in India have got too many choices. They will choose you only if they find you are offering more value than your competitor.

Competition is leading to some really interesting trends in the Indian Smartphone market. Like the flagship, killers are shifting from mid-ranger to the budget segment. Smartphones are not an intelligent investment and if they get cheaper it will be better for everyone. Overall the smartphone market grew by 12%. Vivo is part of the BBK group which if combined all the sales rules the Indian Market with over 40% of the total market sales. Let us see how good budget smartphones will get in the near future. Stay tuned! Stay blessed!

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