Reddit is bringing old days back

Reddit one of the most popular internet websites or forums. It will soon launch a feature that will allow any subreddit user to randomly chat with up to 7 other members of the subreddit. In the Old days of the internet, we loved to chat with random people about certain topics. Reddit is bringing old days back with similar experiences. The new feature is called “Start Chatting” and will roll out soon.

The feature will work on all subreddits that enable it. When you will click the Start chatting button private groups will be formed for any 7 random users who are part of that subreddit. You can find the button beneath Community description labeled “Start Chatting”. The group will be entered into a private room for exchange of messages and all other chat features. All of the social media platforms are shifting their focus to chatting platform but there is something unique about Reddit’s feature.

All the other chat apps allow you to connect with those you already know. But Reddit, on the other hand, is giving you an option to form close connections with other Reddit users. This kind of feature will help you meet more like-minded people and we all love to make new friends. Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post messenger, Instagram direct and WhatsApp will become interoperable with SMS.

Social Media Platforms are trying to make your life at home connected with the rest of the world. Facebook launched quite cool new features in Messenger recently to make your video chats much better. This trend will continue as there seems to be no end of this global Pandemic. Thank you for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Blessed!

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