Coronavirus made history in the Smartphone Industry

Covid 19 Lockdown decreased Smartphones demand.

Smartphones are one of the most in-demand tech products. But in the year 2020, the Smartphone industry lost its shine. Due to the Covid-19 supply all around the world have been affected heavily. As most of the smartphone consumers are locked in their houses, buying a smartphone is not their top priority. Coronavirus made history in the smartphone industry this year.

Counterpoint Research and Canalys together did an analysis of how Covid 19 affected the Smartphone Industry. Both teams ended up on the conclusion that there is an overall 13% drop in demand around the world. But they also pointed out that in China alone the demand decreased by 27%.

Since 2014 this is the first year when overall global smartphone demand dropped below 300million units. How did Covid-19 affect Smartphone demand? First, it affected manufacturing. When supply was working in most countries around the world Smartphone manufacturing stopped. There were no smartphones to fulfill their demands. But Just when manufacturing got on track the shipment was blown off. Now e-commerce websites supply only essentials in most of the countries.

As we can see in the graph Every Smartphone company faced a crisis of smartphone shipments. This year is going to be hard for the smartphone industry. Many small brands might go out of business. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Blessed!

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