Flagship vs Mid-range Processors. Is there any difference?

Most Smartphone users will prefer mid range processor over flagship.

We all love speed. A faster smartphone for playing games that don’t lag, its everyone’s dream. But today we are at a point when we are experiencing HD quality gaming on budget smartphones. So, if we do Flagship vs Mid-range processors. Is there any difference? Yes, there is. Comparing the performance of the flagship processor is like comparing Intel core i3 with core i5. The difference is massive. Let’s dive deep into this.

For this comparison we will refer Snapdragon 768G as the mid-range processor and Snapdragon 865 as the flagship guy. If we go for benchmarking the flagship has more powerful cores and it will kill the mid-range. Even in GPU performance the sd768G doesn’t stand a chance against sd865. But, what about real-world performance comparison. If you will compare an sd768G device with an sd865 device the noticeable difference is so minor that in daily usage you won’t even notice it.

The thing is sd865 is way faster but our smartphone needs aren’t heavy enough to take advantage of that performance. Current games on smartphones aren’t as resource-heavy that they need sd865 for optimal performance. It is not bad to buy an sd 865 smartphone. After all, it gets you a better display, better camera, and much more. So, why would an average person choose the sd768G device over the sd865 device? The answer is the price.

sd865 devices are expensive because of better displays, cameras and a bigger battery, and more. The average consumer doesn’t need desktop-class power in his smartphone. He just needs a smartphone that looks good, runs all the heavy apps with smooth performance. Some need 5G it is available in sd768G. So, where is this processor race going? ARM-powered desktops will need these powerful chipsets that could be a real application of these chipsets. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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  1. Stubborn Illusion
    May 22, 2020

    This looks to be honest. But the problem with budget ones is they can really hot sometimes

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