Will this be the future of Apple macbooks?

Apple will introduce an ARM based Macbook powered by A14 chipset

If you are an Apple follower than you might came across the rumors about ARM based macbooks. Well, the rumors are more than just rumors. iPhones are the fastest smartphones even faster than some laptops. But, the capabilities of Apple A series chipset are not meant to be limited by smartphone. An A14 macbook will this be the future of Apple macbooks?

Well, if the rumors are correct A14 that will power iPhone 12 is a 5nm Based chipset and will be even faster than some high end desktop CPUs. If Apple decides to launch their mac with A14 the inhouse chip. Not only the laptops will be cheaper but they will outperform the Competition.

When trying to fit Arm chipsets into laptops the biggest issue comes with compatibility. But Apple is working on that with the Project Catalyst Apple has already started the process of providing desktop apps on ARM interface I.e. iPads and iPhones. With the launch of A14 macbook the process will get a boost.

This is in many way better. As the new Arm macbook could be the best macbook ever for some. It will open a way for budget buyers. The thing with Apple’s strategy going back to affordable or atleast midrange suggests this is happening. And this could be the future of Apple. All the Components build in house and powered by inhouse OS. The ecosystem every Apple fan deserves. Thanks for reading. Stay safe! Stay Blessed!

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