AI : Ready to make you jobless at Microsoft

Microsoft layoff its journalists and plans to replace them with AI

Artificial intelligence is improving each day. From Competing in chess games to analyzing chunk of huge data. AI now helps you control your house with your voice. In future it will do more. But as AI becomes more capable and human like. It will start replacing Humans and make us jobless. AI is ready to make you jobless at Microsoft.

MSN the Microsoft’s news platform has some of the best journalists who makes MSN a worthy news website to visit. But Microsoft gives these journalists temporary leave to test out the AI on MSN. Microsoft is planning to make AI select the news and publish on MSN. This will not only make the process much faster but in a way better for Microsoft.

Humans are expensive to maintain. Humans need food, clothes, shelter and many other things. In order to get all of these humans need salary but AI needs nothing other than Electricity. From here I can predict only two possible outcomes. The UBI(Universal Basic Income) is coming out soon or we are going to be poor.

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