LG Velvet: The New Lifeline

LG in past few years failed progressively in all its tries to make a good quality smarpthone. Can LG Velvet Change that? Let’s find out

LG built some of the most impressive electronic products. Like LEDs, Refrigerators, and other stuff. But LG has not been able to make a name in the smartphone industry. Even Though LG tries hard to create unique smartphones but still, something is missing. LG G8 thinQ was a good smartphone. But still, the sales for LG weren’t enough to make it thrive in this competitive market. A new addition to the LG smartphone lineup is Velvet the new dual-screen smartphone by LG.


The design language of this smartphone is basically the highlight and the selling point for this device. Let’s first talk about the display. The Primary display is a 6.8-inch edgeless display. There is a notch at the top which is U-shaped. The Sides are curved just a waterfall display. The 6.8inch panel is a P-OLED panel with FHD+ resolution and Cinematic Full Vision. Which in simple terms means a stunning display. The back panel also follows the waterfall design. The Color options are incredible and the whole device is inspired by nature’s waterdrops that what LG said. Samsung has been the Company the most impressive display and designs but this time LG is gonna take over.

LG Velvet on Desk

Getting a thin smartphone in this era seems to be impossible but LG made this device just 7.9mm thick. That’s a Wow from my side. Even the iPhones weigh almost 200g in 2020 but this device weighs just 180g again Wow moment. The notch is there but can be hidden through the settings if you hate it. The device is built with metal and the back panel is polished with glass. Though the glass is tough in the end it will break someday. But from the design perspective, it looks powerful. You also have a Type-C port at the bottom. I don’t talk that much about the design but this is really a big shift.

What about Performance?

LG Velvet is supposed to be a flagship. The design is impressive but the same can’t be said for the performance. The smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 765G which gives you 5G support but lacks performance. As the device will be priced 700$+ in the international market snapdragon 865 should have been there. 8GB RAM to get multitasking done without issues. The battery is a 4300mAh with fast charging support. With 25W wired fast Charging and 9W wireless fast Charging. It’s not that the device will disappoint you in terms of performance but it is not built for heavy users.


The Camera is Ok. The rear camera is a triple camera setup. With 48MP main sensor 8MP ultra Wide and 5MP depth sensor. The Camera is not bad but even budget smartphones offer a better camera than this. On the front, there is a 16MP camera.

What’s Extra?

The dual-screen model is something that could be useful are just fun. LG Velvet has an accessory, a case that can turn it into a dual-screen smartphone. There is a stylus like Samsung S pen and that comes with the box that’s what I heard. But the case will be sold separately. I am not a big fan of the dual-screen but if you fantasize about that. Then yes it is a dual-screen.


It is a flagship with a budget camera and midrange processor. The only thing that is the flagship in this device is its design. Achieving such a design requires lots of money but LG should have focused on other things as well. The price is around 700$ and just for good design, you pay so much extra. So, in the end, it is just a flashy smartphone that is not going to be the hottest smartphone of the year and will end up like any other LG smartphone. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom to get updates on the latest tech.

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