Samsung Galaxy M31: Long Term Review

Samsung Galaxy M31 is a good device but has some bugs

Why I choose Samsung Galaxy M31?

I have never been a fan of Samsung in my life. But this time in March when I was looking for a smartphone I ended up buying Samsung Galaxy M31. Let me give you my reasons for buying this device. 185g of weight and other competitors weighed almost 200g. I like lightweight smartphones. The next reason was display. Smartphones are in a fashion of increasing the display size, but this device was just 6.4 and I liked that. Another big hit was OneUI. I just love the OneUI experience.

Why I Bought a new Smartphone?

When I bought the device in my mind I played a gamble. My worst fear was that it will lag. I don’t say that I am a pro user or something like that. But I can make smartphones hot like really hot. My previous device was Honor 7x and that was an awesome device but I ended up destroying it completely. Due to my usage, the battery wore out in two and a half years. That was a pretty long lifetime, Good work Huawei. Honor 7x started to lag too much and the processor was much outdated and I am just taking off with my career.

How is Performance and Battery Life?

Samsung Galaxy M31 is powered by Exynos 9611 which is pretty close to Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G in terms of performance. In terms of performance, I played Call of Duty at highest graphic settings and no lag or frame drops were observed. Exception when I was multitasking like music on the loudspeaker and messaging bubbles. In that situation, I noticed a minor lag. But that is not a big issue. If you turn on Gaming mode you will see a boost in the performance. The battery is good, I played 2hrs of Game on loudspeaker every day and other usual stuff. The device could easily give me one and half-day battery life.


The camera is good, especially in daylight. It can record 4K on both front end and rear. That helps really. About the Night shots. The front camera smooths out my skin color every time I click a selfie. I can’t understand whether it is smoothing or it just can’t take night shots well. Though I never tried Night mode on the front camera. The night mode on the rear camera is pretty good. It adds little more light and detail. That helps make an impression among friends.
Apart from that no complaints. The camera is quite good.

Overall Experience

Bloatware can be a real pain especially if you don’t use them. My Galaxy is the one that I hate the most. Others I can find a use for them. But My Galaxy it hurts. Apart from that OneUI is great. The AMOLED display sometimes makes me feel I am using a flagship. The design of the device is also not bad. I like it, I mean a shiny black back panel. Though I prefer matte finishes. But it still looks stunning. The back panel does catch fingerprints. Overall the device is fast and efficient. For the animations, you need to turn on developer mode to increase the speed of animations or you can just turn them off.

Time For Bugs

The Two bugs that I noticed and are expected to be fixed with the next update are:

  • If you turn on the power-saving mode. Your device will run smoothly for half or more hours and ultimately it will enter in a boot loop.
  • Samsung Keyboard sometimes doesn’t work. So, I ended up replacing it with Switkey.

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