The Battle of iPhones: iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE

Apple always makes things interesting

iPhone SE made a name for itself from the first day it launched. People loved it because of the fact that it featured flagship performance with nearly half the price. As iPhones are moving to mid-range the competition is stiff. Not between Android and iPhone but between two iPhone models. The Battle of iPhones: iPhone 8 vs iPhone SE, both have few things in common but good differences as well.

iPhone SE is an iPhone 8 with the internals of the iPhone 11. Both of these smartphones are completely alike and you can’t really tell the difference between these devices until you hold them in your hand. Even the Battery capacity and Cameras are the same. Let’s see which component is the biggest differentiating factor among these two beasts

A13 Bionic

You guessed it right the biggest difference lies in the processor. A11 is built on a 10nm architecture and A13 bionic is built on a 7nm architecture. A13 Bionic is the fastest chip by Apple until iPhone 12 arrives. The A13 is seriously powerful when compared to A11. You will notice the difference even in everyday usage. The screenshots, photo snaps, app openings, and everything is faster on iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 8.

There shouldn’t be any talk about this A13 powers current flagship lines so, it is way too powerful. There is also a third-generation neural engine that is way faster than the first-generation one on iPhone 8. The new neural chip can handle up to 1 trillion operations per second. While the iPhone 8 can handle only 600billion.

Chip is the reason why the iPhone SE camera performs better than the iPhone 8. Better portraits and better night shots. All are a blessing of the much smarter chip under the hood. Some features like Quick Take, and portrait lighting effects, and Smart HDR for better photographs come as added benefits of launching in 2020.

Other Differences

18W fast charging. Dual SIM standby. 3GB RAM. 3D touch replaced by Haptic Touch. Just that no other difference. So, If you get iPhone 8 for cheaper than 300$ its worth the purchase. But consider iPhone SE as a better alternative if you have money to spare. I will take leave now. Enjoy your stay. Hit the live chat for live help(Ok you need to wait for at least 5min).

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