Keen By Google: Pinterest Rival Reviewed

Google Wants to know more about you

Google is making quite a good use of AI and Data Science. It uses its machine learning algorithms for targeted advertisements and much more. There is a downside to giving google your data, it takes away your privacy. But the positive side is it improves your day to day experience. Pinterest is a social media platform where you can create collections and share them with your friends and family.

Google made a rival to Pinterest in the form of its experimental app Keen. Keen is developed and maintained by Google’s Area 120 team. So, Why Keen is important or better than Pinterest. In Keen, you create a new collection just like in Pinterest, and then you enter all that you want in that particular collection. After that, your collection is created and you get two main tabs saved, explore.

In the explore tab you can find new content that Google’s machine learning algorithms find for you based on the input you entered while creating the collection. The third tab is “Searches”. In this tab, you can edit the interest keywords and your feed will update accordingly. The thing is in this app you don’t find content that other users create on the platform. In addition to that Google finds relevant articles, videos, and other stuff from the internet all in one place.

Let’s take an example, you created a collection named Healthy Diet. You entered your interests vegetarian, non-vegetarian, any website that you love and then Google fills your explore tab with highest-ranked articles. You can then share your collection with friends, ask them to collaborate and other stuff.

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