WWDC: What’s Next Apple?

Apple officially announced ARM macbooks

WWDC the biggest Software event by Apple. This year the biggest announcement was in the last few minutes. Transition to ARM MacBooks is happening. Apple announced Macbooks with Apple in house chips will be launched later this year. But, the transition from Intel to ARM will take up to 2 years. Apple is working closely with Companies to bring all the software on the ARM platform. With that being said here are software announcements


One of the world’s most popular Smartphone operating system is now even better and feature-rich. That’s how Apple describes it. Here are some new features for Apple iOS 14-

IOS 14
  • Home Screen Widgets
    If You’re an Android user feel proud apple just copied Android Widgets feature. But believe me when I say this. Apple perfected the widgets. Apple widgets are more powerful and customizable.
  • App Library
    We all Android users have an App drawer to clear up our home screens. But Apple now gives App library a better app drawer which automatically organizes apps into groups for you. It also has a discover folder that will give you an app suggestion on what you might need next.
  • Picture in Picture
    Yes, it’s here again copied from Android. Not really its the next level picture in picture. You can launch any app into the picture in picture, adjust the size of the box, and switch between apps seamlessly without stoping your youtube, You can also swipe it to left or right and hide it but the youtube video will still play. So, Apple saved your Youtube music subscription.
  • Default Apps
    Finally, You can set default apps on iOS.
  • Siri
    Faster, Smarter, and beautiful. Now Siri launches as a bubble at the bottom of your iPhone.
  • Messages
    You will only be notified now when you are mentioned in a conversation in the groups. The Animations got even better the people who were recently active will be bigger and others will be smaller pictures. You can pin the conversations to mark them at the top.
  • Memoji
    More ways to customize.
  • Apple Maps
    Were you looking for a replacement for Google maps? Finally, Apple made it. Apple maps now support turn by turn navigation, cycling directions, and much more.
  • App Clips
    This is really cool feature. A small version of any app can be installed and used for temporary usage. For example, you are in a book store to purchase a book and you need to pay for the book via the bookstore app. You can scan an NFC pad and download the App clip to pay without downloading the whole app.
  • Carkey
    Supported on the latest BMW now your iPhone can be your digital car key.
  • Phone Call Notification
    Phone call notification takes less space.
  • Privacy
    Built into iPhone. An orange notification to know when the app is using which permission on your device.


The macOS will be even more beautiful than ever. But where is Apple going with the new Macs design? It seems Apple is bringing macOS and iPadOS closer than ever. Now you can enjoy Control Center and Widgets on Your macOS. All the iMessages updates will be served on macOS as well. Other than that Safari is being made better. The tab management got even better. Apple also claims that Safari is faster and more power-efficient than Chrome for mac users. Also, you can now Customise the Safari Home screen completely. More Safari Extensions will be available on the App store.

macOS Big Sur


The sideBar is even better and more powerful. Widgets are available on iPad OS too. Another noticeable feature is Apple Pencil. It now allows you to write even better. You can write with an apple pencil in any textbox on your iPad and it will automatically be converted to text. That’s cool.

iPad OS


More Watch faces. Customizable shareable. You can also copy watch faces. Better Workout App. Sleep Tracking.

WatchOS 7
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