Motorola Edge+: Review

Motorola edge+ is a device that not only looks stunning but is stunning. Motorola took a leap this time by taking its smartphone price to 1000$ range. This is not a fancy device like the Razr and yet it costs in the premium range. The device is available only via Verizon as of now. The device has a punch-hole display and powered by the fastest smartphone processor as of now.


Let’s be honest most flagship sell because of their extraordinary designs and when you are @1000$ price tag the game is different. Motorola Edge plus features a waterfall display which is quite the fashion of upcoming flagships. The display is an OLED panel with HDR10+ support and FHD+ resolution. 90Hz refresh rates make the experience even smoother. The device also got two certificates Youtube SIgnature and Amazon HDR which is impressive.

Watch for yourself in the video above. Doesn’t the display look stunning? 203g in weight and yet manages to fit aluminum 600series body. 6.7-inch Oled panel protected with Corning gorilla glass. Water repellant design but considering the price point you should get at least IP certification.

Performance & Battery

The device is powered by Snapdragon 865 which is the fastest mobile processor as of now. Snapdragon 865 paired with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of Internal storage makes a really powerful device. It can handle any task you through at it in the current scenario. There is an OnScreen fingerprint scanner which is a must for such a flawless device. But I would rather prefer a side-mounted fingerprint. Again, that’s a personal preference.

5000mah battery is enough to get you a day worth juice in your hardest times. But then you have 18W fast charging when you need it. 15W wireless charging makes it easy to charge without wires all around. You can also share power at 5W to other supported devices. Dual Stereo speakers and they are pretty loud and clear whenever you need them. 3 microphones for ultra-clear sound recording.


The Camera is quite disappointing at the price tag and considering the specs. It features a 108MP camera the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and yet somehow it provides 1/10th of the zoom Samsung’s device does i.e 10X optical zoom. Yes, Some people don’t care about the zoom. It features OIS which every other flagship has. The pictures are good like impressive overall from the rear camera. Now let’s talk video. 6K @30fps ok we don’t need 8k. 4K@30fps, where are 60fps and 120fps?

Even though the device is powered by the fastest smartphone chip of the year but yet somehow the camera doesn’t have so much to offer. Slow-motion 120fps@FHD even my budget smartphone can do that which costs 1/4th of the price. So, technically there is nothing extraordinary in this department but it won’t disappoint you. It also has a TOF sensor. The front camera records only FHD@30fps


Not a bad choice overall. This device won’t disappoint you in any way in fact you will fall in love with the design and overall experience of this device. There is nothing innovative so I will say like Apple this is also overpriced. But yet if you have money to spare then go get this device there is nothing to complain about and it supports 5G. Except, for the 6.7-inch display which is a personal preference. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!

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