Microsoft will help you recover deleted files.

Microsoft will soon release a recovery tool exclusive to windows users

If you ever searched the internet for the Windows recovery tool you must have heard about Recuva. Recuva is a tool by CCleaner that helps you recover deleted files from Windows hard drives, USB drives, and other storage devices. Microsoft is bringing the power of Recuva to windows with a new tool that will be free.

We all delete files almost every day. There are days when we accidentally permanently delete files that we need at a later point in time. In such situations, you are helpless if you don’t have a backup. For such situations, Microsoft built this recovery tool. Windows File Recovery is a command-line tool that will help you recover deleted files on your Windows laptop, PC, or external storage devices.

Recovery of files on Cloud storage or network storage is not supported for a reason. Although there is no graphic interface yet the tool is pretty easy and straightforward. However, to increase the chances of file recovery run the tool as early as possible after the deletion of the file. Regular usage of storage devices may overwrite the deleted file thereby, reducing chances of recovery.

The Recovery tool will recover files from the NTFS file system by default but you can change it to FAT or any other type as preferred. Also, you can specify the type of file you are looking for. That sounds useful and whatever is free is always welcome. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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