TikTok is a Spy and Apple got the proof

iOS 14 brings many new features to iPhones and Added security.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Most people around the world love the idea of short funny videos. But personally I am not a big fan. But let’s talk about spying. Spying on real humans is bad and so is spying on someone’s smartphone. But TikTok doesn’t care. Many apps have been known for not caring about the privacy of users. With the iOS 14 update iPhones can now detect which apps are spying.

After you update your iPhone to iOS 14 your iPhone will warn you every time an app reads your clipboard data. This is what TikTok was doing, it was reading all that you type in or copy-paste. Anything that is in your clipboard TikTok read that. This same spying activity was previously detected by Security researchers. Back then TikTok promised to fix that and now iPhone caught it red-handed.

Watch for yourself this guy submits the proof. Now before I finish don’t start the iOS vs Android war. Both Android or iOS users are at risk. TikTok does have various security flaws as detected by several researchers and it steals data on both Android as well as iOS. But with android your manufacturer might provide you extra security layer but still, it spies on you. Recently, TikTok has also been banned in India along with many other Chinese apps as they possess security risk to users.

How Can Apps Spy on me? Without me being aware

How is that possible? Its simple to answer when you install an app and launch it. The App will ask for certain permissions which you allow 90% of the time no one pays attention to that. Those permissions allow these apps to access your data. That’s how they spy on you. Because you allow them to. Now, if you don’t give them access to your data they won’t work. How can you stop them from spying?

Manufacturers should build-up features like iOS 14 that notifies when an app has access to your activity and is spying. Giving you a chance to decide whether to keep using it or uninstall it. What can you do in the meantime? Pay attention to what permission you provide an App. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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