OnePlus Nord Launch Date. Leaked by Amazon

The OnePlus Nord might launch on 21st July

OnePlus Nord could be a good mid-range smartphone. This is a dream come true for many OnePlus fans. OnePlus recently leaked the design and much stuff about OnePlus Nord just a week back. Now Surprisingly Amazon leaks OnePlus Nord launch date. Someone was fast enough to capture a screenshot for the leak. But, the date can’t be confirmed by OnePlus officials.

The Image is from Amazon India. 21st July is not a confirmed global or Indian launch date. According to PhoneArena, Amazon India created an AR invite for OnePlus Nord Launch and pulled it in no time. Some other sources claim the launch date will be 10th July. The two versions of this incident could be. Either the global launch will occur on 21st July or Indian Launch will be 10th July and global will be 21st July.

In any case, One thing is confirmed OnePlus Nord will launch before July ends. So, be patient, and if you love OnePlus wait for a few more days or weeks before you end up buying something else. Hold your breaths and let the curiosity flow in the comments. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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