How to send Automated messages in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms in the world. Most of us use it for personal as well as business emails. But sometimes we get late to reply to people like when we are on a vacation. For such situations, Google designed this “Vacation mode”. The Vacation mode allows you to set an auto-reply for all the received emails. Let’s take a deep dive how can we set this up.

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  • Open the Gmail app or Website
  • Click on the setting icon on the top right or just scroll through apps menu to locate settings
  • Click on See all settings
  • Now under the General tab scroll all the way down to find Vacation Responder.
  • There you can type in the subject and message.
  • Your Start date and end date and Whom you want to send the responder.
  • That’s it. Your Automation is done.

That’s pretty much it. Don’t forget to type an impressive letter if this is a business responder. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!

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