Huawei ban expanded till the UK

Trump Administration banned Huawei in the USA. Not able to work with Google had an adverse effect on Huawei smartphone sales. It was 5G technology that kept Huawei fighting for a comeback. Network Equipment is a big part of Huawei. The Company was the main supplier for 5G equipment around the globe. Huawei was banned from supplying 5G in the USA and now the UK takes a step to ban 5G equipment from the company.

The Telecom Operators in the UK have been ordered to remove existing Huawei equipment within 7 years and stop buying new equipment from the company. Just like the USA the UK also previously suspended the Huawei ban. But this time the ban is here to stay for good. The reason for the Huawei ban is the security risks towards nations’ security that is what government officials say. But, there might some hidden truths.

The USA also released recent sanctions against Huawei which now will stop Companies like TSMC from using American Technology. Thereby closing the loophole which could have allowed Huawei access to American tech. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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