Someone is digging Google’s grave. Welcome, Neeva to the Family.

Get ready to experience personalised, ad free and private browser.

Google is the biggest player in the Search Engine market. No one can take down google from the top that is what we all believe. That is partly the reason why we all use Google. Because it’s the best. Google Offers us all that tech for free. What does google take from us to power its tech? Our Data, Showing us Ads and keeping track of what we do online. Just like someone stalking you in real life.

Well, recently many people disliked this and switched to duckduckgo and other privacy-focused alternatives. A new Player is coming into the market. Neeva, the google alternative which will give you web, email, calendar, and contact searches. Personalized and ad-free that sounds like a dream. But, all this comes at a cost. You will be paying a subscription to use these services. The Company says the subscription will cost as much as two black coffee a month.

This could be a good step towards a more privacy-focused world. As the rise of AI begin our data could be our biggest asset. There is speculation that your data can turn you into a millionaire if it’s evaluated and paid for correctly. Human data is used vastly for training AI and marketing research. As the data becomes more private it will become more expensive. And I’m ready to share my data for money until then I am switching to Tor. It is a bit slow but it doesn’t track me. Thanks for reading. Stay safe! Stay Humble!.

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