Netflix is launching a cheaper HD plan in India

Netflix turned the mobile streaming industry upside down in India when it launched the 199 INR plan. Online Streaming was not adopted due to expensive pricing in India but after the launch of the 199 Plan Netflix future changed forever. Netflix saw a rise in no. of Indian Subscribers. Because of the success of the 199 Plan now Netflix wants to bring in more cash with the 349 Plan.

The Original Mobile Plan Priced at 199 per month offered access to Netflix shows on Single Screen and in low quality. Now the new Mobile Plus Plan priced at 349 will offer access to all Netflix Content with HD quality and Computers as permitted devices. The Basic tier is a little expensive which also allows Streaming to TVs with the same quality. Now Netflix can target three different types of audiences. One those needs Netflix for mobile. Then those who need extra Quality and finally those who need TV access as well.

Of Course, there is always a plan for premium users as well. But Netflix still faces steep competition with Amazon Prime. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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  1. […] Netflix spokesperson also clarified that a price hike in the USA doesn’t necessarily mean a price hike globally. It will be interesting to see how this hike will affect Netflix’s customer base. Competition in the streaming market couldn’t be as stiff as today. People have many options in form of Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, and many more. […]

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