Apple AR Glass is the next big thing.

You might have seen Sci-Fi movies where people can turn any surface into touch screens. Like Converting a dining table into a Control panel. Apple is coming up with something like that. The new product, also known as Apple Glass in the tech industry will turn any surface into a touch screen. You can just wear those glasses and convert a brick into a Control Panel. Something like that. Let’s explore this in detail.

The first question, What will the Apple Glass used for? Well, for me I guess AR gaming will be more fun. And For such complex use cases, you need controllers because when the screen is close to your eyes it becomes practically difficult to control things from there. That is why Apple is researching Virtual Controls. This might be achieved with occlusion. This simply means that Apple is building a system that will use occlusion to detect touches on any surface.

Occlusion alone will not be sufficient for this to work and therefore, apple will also use heat for more accurate touch controls. But as we all know this could not be perfect at the first shot. But let’s wait and see how it goes. For the curious minds here is a link to the full process of how it might work. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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