Why influencers need website

Without a Website, you are losing 5.8 billion opportunities every day. In this internet age, no brand can survive without a website. As an influencer, if you want to build a brand around your name and talent then a website is the ideal place for you to get started. Website is the perfect stage for launching a new product or program. It can drive traffic to all your social media accounts and thereby giving an overall income boost.

Websites help monetize your fanbase more efficiently

You might have fans enough to earn a livelihood. But do you know how many people visit your profile and walk away without following you. Not Everyone is interested in your photos. But almost everyone who visits your website ends up clicking it. Once that person in on your website. He might find your youtube interesting and give you subs their or he might like your podcast and so on.

Added Business Opportunities

A website is built to give an ideal representation of your brand and how you provide value to people’s life. But it can also be a gateway to business opportunities. An Instagram blogger can create a blog and write posts every week and drive his/her traffic to their website. Blogs can be monetized with affiliates, sponsorships, and much more to generate six figures and more. Fashion bloggers can start their own clothing lineup. Health & fitness bloggers can start their online fitness programs.

A World of Infinite possibilities

The Internet is a place of infinite possibilities, who knows when you might get the biggest shot to showcase your talent. Maybe someone views your website likes your persona and wants to build a business with you. Or you may end up collaborating with a much bigger influencer in your niche. Who Knows? The only way to know how beneficial can a website be for you is to get one.

I am a Web Developer myself and I help influencers build better & Powerful brands. Check out my portfolio here. Let’s build the brand of your dreams. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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