Wireless Charging: A mistake

When we hear about wireless charging we think about a future of devices with no ports. We think it will be more convenient and better. But in reality, Wireless charging is far worse than charging a smartphone with Wired Chargers. Recently OneZero in collaboration with iFixit decided to do some research on wireless charging and see for themselves its pros and cons. In the test, they concluded wireless charging is far worse than wired charging for both the environment and your pocket.

  • In the test, researchers found wireless chargers use 47% more power than wired chargers on average.
  • This means if you charge a smartphone from 0-100 and it takes 14.26 watt-hours with wired charging. It will take 21.01watt-hours to charge with a wireless charger.
  • Wireless chargers waste more energy in form of heat. If you don’t align the charger and device properly then it will lead to more energy waste.
  • If you forget to unplug your wired charger it doesn’t waste any energy. But wireless chargers will still waste significant amount of energy.
  • Talking about money, wireless chargers will cost you 50% more money to charge your smartphone than wired chargers.

This doesn’t mean the wireless chargers concept is totally waste. Wireless chargers with 98% efficiency exist. But the issue is the average consumer will buy local chargers which are highly inefficient and will waste huge amount of energy. In the future, there is a possibility that highly efficient wireless chargers come with the device in the box. But as of now, it is a mistake to switch to wireless. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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