OnePlus Android 11 unveiled as O2 & H2

Oxygen and Hydrogen the two variants of the same OnePlus Android 11 skin. One for China only and the other for the rest of the world. Android 11 debuted in February. Ever since Android 11 debuted companies started constructing their own variants of the new Android. Hydrogen OS 11 and Oxygen OS 11 are pretty much the same, the one difference that stands in Google Services. Oxygen OS features Google Play services while Hydrogen OS ditch Google Play services.

The update will bring all the incredible features from the Android 11 plus additional enhancement by OnePlus. The additional enhancements include:

  • Always On Display: One of the highest anticipated features has arrived.
  • Multi-User Zen Mode: Zen mode also known as focus mode will now support multiple users.
  • New Animations and Weather App: Better design and more aesthetically appealing.
  • The Dark mode also received tweaks. Now your device will use different shades of black for better display of information.
  • Now the Dark mode will support time-based activation and a quick settings toggle.
  • Memory Management: The update will bring the ORM memory management system to your devices which will improve memory management. You will be able to run more apps with the same RAM and the probability of apps being killed in the background will decrease.
  • Turbo Booster: Gamers love higher refresh rates. When you will turn on the turbo booster the device will be forced to stay in the highest refresh rate for better gaming performance.

O2 11 or H2 11 will be available on all the successors of OnePlus 6. The developer build is already out. Soon, the beta will be released. However, You can expect the stable version by the end of Q4 2020. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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