Microsoft Surface Duo: is it a Smartphone?

Microsoft Surface Products are not only powerful but also stunning. Apple iPad is basically the prince charming in the tablet industry. To Combat that Companies are putting efforts to modify Android and give users an experience somewhere between a Smartphone and Laptops. We have seen Samsung Tab S6 it is great but it lacks few things. Microsoft Surface duo is something that is not only innovative but also impressive.

Microsoft Surface Duo is a Dual-Screen Smartphone. You can check specs from the official website. But let’s talk about features that the official site won’t tell you. Microsoft Surface Duo is an Android device and many enthusiasts might ask can it be rooted? The answer is yes. The device has an unlockable bootloader and Microsoft confirmed that. But whether rooting will void your warranty or not stays a mystery.

The Surface Duo will also be provided 3 years of Android updates. Software updates are something that almost all android device lacks. Microsoft’s commitment to 3 years of updates will provide you access to new features and security updates. Rooting comes as an advantage to those who love custom ROMs. They can flash ROMs and get updates for much longer.

The next big feature is being able to use your surface duo apps on any windows machine. The feature that allows smartphones to stream their apps for use on Windows 10 devices is not limited to just Samsung. The feature allows you to use Android apps as if they were native windows apps. The ability to receive text, calls on your windows device from the surface duo will also be supported.

Surface Duo starts @1399$. Check Surface FAQs here. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I will be happy to help.

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