Apple One: One monthly Price for all Apple Services

Every Apple Enthusiast is waiting for the iPhone event. But this time things have changed. There will be two apple events. The iPad Event in September for the launch of iPads and Apple Watch Series 6 and the October event the launch of iPhones itself. But launching iPads and iPhones is not the only goal of these events. Apple is known for its simplicity and in order to keep that tag, apple will launch bundle subscriptions.

Apple is focusing heavily on its services. In fact, the revenue from Apple services surpasses the revenue from its hardware products. Subscription is the future and Apple knows that. But announcing multiple services and asking users to pay multiple fees for those services doesn’t sound like Apple. With the new hardware, Apple is also bringing a bundled subscription option. According to Bloomberg, the new subscription might be named “Apple One”.

Apple One will enable apple users to pay one monthly fee for all Apple services. Services like Apple TV+, Apple Music, Books, and much more will all be part of the subscription. This will surely make Apple user’s life easier. But Apple has another problem to deal with. The Ban of WeChat might lead to a decline of 30% sales in iPhones Globally. 30% is a heavy number and can affect a lot of things in the Apple ecosystem.

iOS 14 will also lead to a boost in Apple services revenue. As it will expose many apps who are stealing users’ data.Thanks for reading. Should you have any questions please leave them in the comments. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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