Harmony OS: Huawei’s Ace Card

Harmony OS was launched last year. Huawei wanted us to believe that Harmony OS is not Android competitor. But the Company already built the plans to launch Android’s biggest rival. Harmony OS 2.0 was the highlight of Huawei’s developer conference of 2020. Just a few days back Huawei announced Smartphone powered by Harmony OS will be launched next year.

However, the beta version of the Harmony OS SDK will be available from September of this year for Smartwatches, TVs, and head units. Beta version of developer tools will come to smartphones in December 2020. The firm also revealed a roadmap to Open Harmony Project. AOSP is widely used, because it can be installed on any smartphone just by few small tweaks. People using EMUI 11 will also be able to upgrade to Harmony OS.

Huawei is planning to do something similar. Huawei will make Harmony OS an Open Source Operating System. An OS, available for everyone to use. OpenHarmony will be fully open for all the devices by October 2021. Harmony OS is interesting. It is one operating system for all devices. It can adjust the user interface according to the device you are using. You can switch from one device to another seamlessly.

It is believed that Harmony OS is much faster than Android and it can also compete with iOS in performance. In the User experience imagine Harmony OS controlling your home. You move from one room to another and the speakers of the room you left are off and the room you entered is turned on with the song you were listening to. That’s incredible. Distributed Computing is the future.

Huawei might have the benefit of the distributed system capability of Harmony OS but it is going to face tight competition with Apple. Apart from Apple, the biggest challenge is trust. Let’s hope for more innovation in the industry. And with that note, I take a leave. Thanks for reading, Stay Safe Stay Humble.

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