Huawei Petal Search: Let’s tear down Google

Google as a search engine has dominated the Internet search market for quite along. But now its biggest rival is entering the search engine market. Huawei will soon launch a general search engine version of the petal search. Its own homegrown search engine. The petal search was aimed to help users find apps from external sources in the absence of Google Services.

Petal search already allows some users to search for News, images, videos, and much more. Soon, the Petal search will expand its field of search and will be a direct rival to Google search. Huawei is partnering with multiple companies to expand petal search results in four major categories: news, shopping, travel, and local businesses.

Regional partners are really important for providing search data about local businesses, flights, and other real-time data. Huawei is heading in the right direction in terms of partners. It also has a set of extensible APIs available for its partners to add new search data. Huawei Petal’s search is still not a perfect search engine. It relies on its partners for various services but soon it will expand to be one of the major players.

One’s best selling smartphone company has the capability to become google’s biggest nightmare. Petal search is integrated into EMUI 11 and Huawei is also planning to integrate Celia assistant its own homegrown assistant into new Huawei devices. Petal search is only four months old and people around the globe are already loving it.

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