Google Pixel 5: Let’s Look Closer

Google Pixel 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones in the industry. Earlier, We figured out the device won’t be on the flagship side. We thought it was a good thing but eventually, it might be disappointing for many pixel fans to see Google Cut so many corners. Pixel 5 is not a bad device but still, it is only fair to consider it overpriced. Let’s dig the grave little deeper.


Pixel 5 is powered by Snapdragon 765G under the hood. SD765G is a mid-range processor. But not the fastest processor for a smartphone priced at 699$. SD765G lags far behind compared to SD865 in both performance and efficiency. Pixel 4a 5G is also powered by SD765G and that’s what makes 5 disappointing. You won’t experience any lags as an everyday user. But as a gamer, this is not a good device for you.


A 3800mAh battery is pretty much fine for everyday use. But it won’t last more than a day with moderate use. Pixel 4a also sports a 3140 mAh battery. 4000mAh is the standard of the modern smartphone battery. Yet Google decided to put a small battery on its high-end smartphone. 18W fast charging is provided as compensation for a small battery.


Pixel 5 and 4a both are powered by Sony IMX363 12MP camera. The Camera we have seen on multiple pixel generations including Pixel 3a. The difference between the Camera of all these smartphones is Software. Secondary Camera could also be disappointing for some users. The telephoto lens has been replaced with a 16MP Ultra Wide Camera.


Pixel 5 will be the Android smartphone with the best software in the industry. Google’s magic is its software. But the question is whether to buy it or not. If you love Pixel then Go for it. No one can stop you. But Pixel 4a is a better choice than Pixel 5. There is not much difference between 4a and 5. If we look at the competition there are some really great options which is even cheaper compared to Pixels. The best example OnePlus Nord.

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