iFold: Apple’s Self Healing Smartphone

Apple is know for its breakthroughs. Recently we covered how Apple wants to transform its ecosystem with the help of Distributed Computing. Apple is yet to launch its 2020 iPhone lineup but it seems Apple is planning for a big announcement.

iPhone event is most likely to happen around 15th October. But let’s talk about Self Healing smartphones. Self healing materials are nothing new. We some smartphones with self healing backs or even displays. But they all were either concept or flop devices. We have also seen faults in foldable smartphones.

We all have witnessed how Samsung Fold displays had a crash landing. Keeping all the facts in mind Apple filed a patent for a foldable display that can heal itself from scratches and dents. The patent describes the process of self healing is automatic. All you have to do is scratch your device and it heal over time.

To speed up the process use some heat. Not too much. Thanks for reading. Stay safe stay humble. Subscribe to our newsletter for more stories.

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