Snapdragon 875: Valuable Upgrade to 865

Qualcomm is the leader in both Performance and efficiency among Android Processors. Snapdragon 865 is the current king of performance. But as the performance needs of smartphone users increase Companies have to offer something better. Qualcomm 875 is aimed at consumers who want both ultra-performance and ultra-efficiency.

Qualcomm 875 will be a 5nm Processor. 5nm means a clear 20 percent better efficiency compared to SD865. More efficiency means more battery life. On top of that Qualcomm is planning to use ARM Cortex-X1 Super Core for SD 875 for stellar performance. This will make SD875 at least 30% faster than SD865.

Taiwan’s TSMC is getting heavy attention these days. It is rumored that the flagship line of Qualcomm processors will be manufactured by TSMC. But Some reports claim it will be Samsung who will manufacture the new SD875. No Clear winner with current evidence. However, the project is valued at 1billion $.

The Processor is expected to launch on December Tech Summit 2020. The Processor will also cost 100$ more than the current SD865. This clearly means the flagship smartphones are going to be more expensive. Thanks for reading. Consider Subscribing(bottom) for more valuable content. Your thoughts mean a lot to us put them in the comments below.

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