iPhone 12: Should you upgrade?

Apple launched SE earlier and everyone wanted a smaller iPhone 12. The Only thing that I love about Apple that it keeps everyone in mind. iPhone 12 mini is the perfect smartphone for those who love compact form factor but can’t settle for fewer specs. iPhone 12 lineup includes for models, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max the successor to 11 series, and 12 mini the new member of the family. Let’s see what Apple changed this year:


5G is the next-generation Internet technology that can transfer data with blazing fast speeds. But the iPhone is not the only 5G smartphone out there. But iPhone 12 has more bands than any other 5G smartphone out there. What does this mean in simple terms? Simple, better 5G Coverage and speed than any other smartphone out there. That’s what Apple says.

A14 Bionic

With every new iPhone, the biggest change is the A series Chip. A14 Bionic is at least 50% faster than any other smartphone Chip out there. That’s what Apple Claims. I know you have heard that Snapdragon 865+ beats A14 bionic but before you come to any conclusion take a look at this report. Even beats the 2021 Snapdragon chips.


A14 Bionic is the first 5nm chip in the industry. 5nm means better efficiency and more battery life. iPhone 12 is rumored to chip with a 4000 mah battery which can deliver up to 12 hours of battery backup. iPhone 12 Pro max will provide 20 hours of video playback. That’s some good news. 😂


iPhone 12 Camera light years ahead of its competitors. Lidar provides 6x faster autofocus and new lens can take upto 27% more light than previous generation. Significant improvement for low light. Videos are even better. 5x Optical Zoom. 87% better low light performance. Night Mode Portraits by LiDar. Wide and Telephoto both support Optical Image Stabilisation. Also 12MP front Camera for stunning selfies.

And More

You have LiDar for enjoying AR and taking 3D images. MagSafe accessories and ofCourse no power adapter or earphones.

Is the worth to upgrade?

If you are not a pro photographer then all you need is iPhone mini. It starts at 699$ and offers all the necessary elements from PROs. Upgrade only if you have iPhone X or earlier. Else it’s not worth it. iPhone 13 will be the game changer. Thanks for reading. Consider Subscribing(At bottom) it means a lot.

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