OnePlus 8T vs Xiaomi Mi 10T Series: Rivalry Generations Ahead

OnePlus is one of the best flagship brands out there. But, in recent years Xiaomi climbed the ladder of innovation and is now part of the major league. OnePlus 8T has arrived and its biggest rival could be Mi 10T. Both Devices are great and have their own pros and cons. But on Techenutia Battle Ground only one will win. Let’s Get Started


When it comes to Performance both smartphones have similar Specs. Snapdragon 865 with RAM from 8GB to 12GB. Both devices also feature liquid cooling technology. When it comes to refreshing rate Mi takes an edge with 144Hz white OnePlus 8T stays behind with 120Hz. However, there is a plus point for 120Hz.

The noticeable difference between 120 and 144 is negligible. But the Battery drain is higher on 144Hz smartphone. Other than the specs another factor that affects Performance is Software. And as we all know Oxygen OS is way better than MIUI in terms of Performance and Aesthetics as well. So, We keep performance a tie.


5000mah battery on Mi 10T takes the lead, OnePlus 8T remains behind with 4500mah battery. But, What about Charging? Mi 10T features a 33W Fast Charging on the contrary OnePlus 8T features a 65W charging. Faster Charging means a better experience. So, this one clearly goes to OnePlus.


If You will compare the Pictures of the OnePlus 8T and Mi 10T then you won’t notice much difference. But if you slightly crop or try to take zoomed-in shots then Mi 10T massive cameras will show their magic. Mi 10T Pro packs a 108MP sensor and Mi 10T packs a 64MP sensor. They can provide 30x zoom and 10x zoom respectively.

OnePlus 8T is powered by a 48MP Sony Sensor and won’t disappoint you. Overall Performance in both Video and Pictures is good but Mi 10T Pro can capture up to 8K videos. The Secondary Cameras on 8T/10T/10T Pro are ultrawide 16MP/13MP and 5MP macro. Front Camera 20MP for Mi 10T and 16MP for OnePlus 8T. So, the Camera goes to 10T/10T Pro.


I Compare devices in only three departments unless any device offer something extraordinary. The Conclusion depends on the buyer. Both the devices are great and ends tying the score. But if you are a photogenic then Xiaomi 10T will be your best friend. If you are more of a performance concerned then several reasons to get OnePlus 8T for you. The Competition is getting stiff day by day.

Comparing these devices is also getting hard. Motivate me by subscribing to my newsletter at the bottom. Comment your thought on the Comparison. Thanks for Visiting.

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