Youtube Vanced: Best Youtube Alternative

Youtube is the app that makes google ecosystem so powerful. We can live without Google Search Engine and all other Google Apps but there is no alternative to Youtube so far. But what if you could run Youtube without Google and also enjoy Youtube Premium features for free? Youtube Vanced is popular among Huawei Users as the official Google App is banned on Huawei devices.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some features of Youtube Vanced:

  • An AMOLED Dark theme to reduce eye strain.
  • Blocks all the ads in Youtube videos. Allows you to enjoy the picture in picture mode out of the box.
  • Swipe Controls to control Brightness and Volume.
  • Allows you to play Videos on repeats like your favorite music and others.
  • HDR playback for Cinematic Experience.
  • Take the video resolution to as high as 4K.
  • Ability to skip sponsor segments of videos. Also allow to skip intros, outros, subscribe segments.

How Youtube Vanced Works?

  • Download the official latest Youtube vanced apk.
  • Install the manager on your smartphone.
  • Open Manager and install microG.
  • Now install the Youtube vanced app and enjoy.

Youtube Vanced is free to use and a highly secure app. Huawei smartphone users have been waiting long for a way to download and use youtube. With Youtube Vanced you will be able to sign in with your Huawei ID and enjoy youtube just like in any other android smartphone. This app could help Huawei in the battle against Google. Huawei has also launched its own Search engine, maps, assistant, and many other apps.

Huawei is trying to build the whole ecosystem which will be the third-largest smartphone ecosystem after Apple and Google with Harmony OS as its backbone.

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